Many Fixes, Enhancements in Dojo's Release 1.2
Date: Tuesday, October 07, 2008 @ 21:13:03 UTC
Topic: Site News & Info

Dojo, one of the leading open-source libraries and widget sets for JavaScript programming, released its latest version (1.2) yesterday. Dojo, which is developed by the Dojo Foundation and released under both the BSD License and Academic Free License, is officially integrated with a number of Web development frameworks, such as Django and the Zend Framework, and by vendors such as IBM and Sun Microsystems. Dojo began in 2004, as a small project that would add DHTML to Web applications being created by Alex Russell, David Schontzler, and Dylan Schiemann at software company Informatica. The project quickly became popular among programmers outside of Informatica, who were beginning to understand that a portable JavaScript library will make Web development better for both programmers and users...

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