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       KOI8-R is the character set of choice for encoding Russian
       texts  for  many Unix-like operation systems.  KOI8-R is a
       successor for KOI-8,  a  de-facto  standard  for  Internet
       Mail,  News,  WWW  and other interactive services at least
       all over the ex-SU territory.

       KOI8-R is defined by RFC1489 (Registration of  a  Cyrillic
       Character Set).


       KOI8-R  was  designed  for mixed Russian/English texts and
       covers only Russian  Cyrillic  characters,  so  if  you're
       looking   for   Ukrainian,   Byelorussian,  etc.  Cyrillic
       characters, try ISO-IR-111, or KOI8-U (Ukrainian Character
       Set), or KOI8-C (for ancient Russian texts) instead, which
       are identical to KOI8-R in the  Russian  Cyrillic  letters

       A more complete set of Cyrillic characters is also defined
       by the ISO-8859-5 character set.

   KOI8-R Characters
       The following table displays  the  characters  in  KOI8-R,
       which  are  printable  and unlisted in the ascii(7) manual

       Oct   Dec   Hex   Char   Description
       200   128   80           FORMS LIGHT HORIZONTAL
       201   129   81           FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL
       202   130   82           FORMS LIGHT DOWN AND RIGHT
       203   131   83           FORMS LIGHT DOWN AND LEFT
       204   132   84           FORMS LIGHT UP AND RIGHT
       205   133   85           FORMS LIGHT UP AND LEFT
       206   134   86           FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL AND RIGHT
       207   135   87           FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL AND LEFT
       210   136   88           FORMS LIGHT DOWN AND HORIZONTAL
       211   137   89           FORMS LIGHT UP AND HORIZONTAL
       212   138   8A           FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL
       213   139   8B           UPPER HALF BLOCK
       214   140   8C           LOWER HALF BLOCK
       215   141   8D           FULL BLOCK
       216   142   8E           LEFT HALF BLOCK
       217   143   8F           RIGHT HALF BLOCK
       220   144   90           LIGHT SHADE
       221   145   91           MEDIUM SHADE
       222   146   92           DARK SHADE
       223   147   93           TOP HALF INTEGRAL
       241   161   A1          FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL
       242   162   A2          FORMS DOWN SINGLE AND RIGHT DOUBLE
       243   163   A3          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IO
       244   164   A4          FORMS DOWN DOUBLE AND RIGHT SINGLE
       245   165   A5          FORMS DOUBLE DOWN AND RIGHT
       246   166   A6          FORMS DOWN SINGLE AND LEFT DOUBLE
       247   167   A7          FORMS DOWN DOUBLE AND LEFT SINGLE
       250   168   A8          FORMS DOUBLE DOWN AND LEFT
       251   169   A9          FORMS UP SINGLE AND RIGHT DOUBLE
       252   170   AA          FORMS UP DOUBLE AND RIGHT SINGLE
       253   171   AB          FORMS DOUBLE UP AND RIGHT
       254   172   AC          FORMS UP SINGLE AND LEFT DOUBLE
       255   173   AD          FORMS UP DOUBLE AND LEFT SINGLE
       256   174   AE          FORMS DOUBLE UP AND LEFT
       260   176   B0          FORMS VERTICAL DOUBLE AND RIGHT SINGLE
       261   177   B1          FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL AND RIGHT
       262   178   B2          FORMS VERTICAL SINGLE AND LEFT DOUBLE
       263   179   B3          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IO
       264   180   B4          FORMS VERTICAL DOUBLE AND LEFT SINGLE
       265   181   B5          FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL AND LEFT
       266   182   B6          FORMS DOWN SINGLE AND HORIZONTAL DOUBLE
       267   183   B7          FORMS DOWN DOUBLE AND HORIZONTAL SINGLE
       270   184   B8          FORMS DOUBLE DOWN AND HORIZONTAL
       271   185   B9          FORMS UP SINGLE AND HORIZONTAL DOUBLE
       272   186   BA          FORMS UP DOUBLE AND HORIZONTAL SINGLE
       273   187   BB          FORMS DOUBLE UP AND HORIZONTAL
       277   191   BF          COPYRIGHT SIGN
       300   192   C0          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IU
       301   193   C1          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER A
       302   194   C2          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER BE
       303   195   C3          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER TSE
       304   196   C4          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER DE
       305   197   C5          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IE
       306   198   C6          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EF
       307   199   C7          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER GE
       310   200   C8          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER KHA
       311   201   C9          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER II
       312   202   CA          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SHORT II
       313   203   CB          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER KA
       314   204   CC          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EL
       315   205   CD          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EM
       316   206   CE          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EN
       317   207   CF          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER O
       320   208   D0          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER PE
       321   209   D1          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IA
       322   210   D2          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ER
       323   211   D3          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ES
       324   212   D4          CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER TE
       342   226   E2          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER BE
       343   227   E3          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER TSE
       344   228   E4          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER DE
       345   229   E5          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IE
       346   230   E6          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EF
       347   231   E7          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER GE
       350   232   E8          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER KHA
       351   233   E9          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER II
       352   234   EA          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHORT II
       353   235   EB          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER KA
       354   236   EC          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EL
       355   237   ED          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EM
       356   238   EE          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EN
       357   239   EF          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER O
       360   240   F0          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER PE
       361   241   F1          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IA
       362   242   F2          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ER
       363   243   F3          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ES
       364   244   F4          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER TE
       365   245   F5          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER U
       366   246   F6          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ZHE
       367   247   F7          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER VE
       370   248   F8          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SOFT SIGN
       371   249   F9          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER YERI
       372   250   FA          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ZE
       373   251   FB          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHA
       374   252   FC          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER REVERSED E
       375   253   FD          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHCHA
       376   254   FE          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER CHE
       377   255   FF          CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER HARD SIGN


       ascii(7)  iso-8859-7(7)  (not   yet   written),   RFC1489,

Linux                       2001-05-28                  KOI8-R(7)
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